1 Year Anniversary Walk

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When 14 individuals got together a year ago to simply take pictures for a couple of hours I thought nothing more of the day. Now a year has come and gone (very quickly) and in April 2010 we are still photo walking month after month.

Personally the London Photo Walk has been great for myself. Being able to explore and photograph the unique and diverse neighbourhoods that London has to offer  in a relaxed and comfortable format/environment has been something that I have really enjoyed. On top of this, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the greatest people, from both inside and outside of London, and have made a number of lasting connections with people I would not have normally met otherwise.

I know that other people feel the same way as I have received a number of emails over the past year that mention the relaxed informal nature of the photo walks which makes people feel more at home and less pressured than traditional clubs.  When I get letters such as these I can help to think about the next walk we will have and the people we will meet.

With that said, in order to celebrate one year of photo walking in London we thought it would be fitting to return to where it all began, the Old East Village. Over the past year many changes have taken place in this unique neighbourhood of London and it would be nice to head back to the Old East Village to see the contrast that a year of time can produce.

The details of the photo walk are as follows:

Date: Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Old East Village

Starting Location: East Village Coffee Shop

Route: Marked in RED on the map

Ending Location: Someplace for Lunch (still to be determined, stay tuned)

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note: although we understand that 10:30-12:30 is hardly the ideal time for photography, given that it is a Sunday and we generally meet before and after the walk we wanted to make sure we were out when businesses would be open.

As far as I know there won’t be presents, cake or candles, but there will be good company and great conversation. I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy this day. Whether you are a photographer, resident, business owner or just someone who likes good conversation, the day will prove to have something for everyone.

Although this is called the London Photo Walk I can personally vouch that photography is no longer the main purpose behind it all (at least not for me). Over the past 3 months I have taken less and less photos at the walk but have enjoyed each walk more than the one before.  The people, conversations and places are what the London Photo Walk is all about and as such everyone is invited.

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10 Responses to “1 Year Anniversary Walk”

  1. Scott Webb says:

    Happy Birthday London Photowalk!

    Awesomeness. I had not been able to make all the photowalks over the past year but I look forward to more coming. I really hope the weather co-operates. I remember last year and it was amazing!

    I hope that the discussions and conversation extend much beyond the walk this year! :)

  2. Todd Dailey says:

    “Time: 10:30pm – 12:30pm” Is that correct? Start time is 10:30 at night? I’m guessing that’s a typo …

  3. I am finally going to attend my first photo walk!

  4. Happy Birthday “London Photowalk”
    Its been a pleasure to have been a participant in these walks and I look forward to many more!!

  5. Patti says:

    Where on Dundas are we meeting? I couldn’t make it out on the map.

  6. Patti says:

    Thanks Kevin!

  7. Chris Baldwin says:

    Thanks everyone, another great walk!

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